The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law in December 2015. Section 1112 (e)(i)(ii), addresses the parent’s right to know. You have the right to request information about the qualifications of your child’s teacher, which includes state license status with approved subject areas, emergency/provisional status, and field of discipline. You also have the right to request information about paraprofessionals if any are providing services to your child, and what their qualifications are.


Mr. Burch

885-5208, 887-2015

Mr. Haderlie

Assistant Principal
885-5208, 248-1433

Mrs. Hepworth Librarian
Mr. Call Speech Pathologist
Mrs Osmond Librarian/Media Center
Mrs. Merritt Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Mr. Johnson School Counselor
Mr. Ruthardt Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Deroche Compliance Facilitator
Mr. Draney ESL District Facilitator School Psychologist
Mr. Henscheid School Psychologist

7th Grade English- Kalin Schwab

7th Grade English- Chris Christie

7th Grade Math- Mercy Dickey

7th Grade Math- Shane Williams

7th Grade Science- Jeff Anderson

7th Grade Science- Adam Isaacson

7th Grade Geography- Joe Hale

7th Grade Informational Literacy – Laurie Cunningham

7th Grade Health – Jeff Johnson

8th Grade English- Julie Lewis

8th Grade English- Shain Saberon

8th Grade Math- Shawn Johnson

8th Grade Math- Rachel Taylor

8th Grade Science- Scott Erickson

8th Grade Science- Kyle Johnson

8th Grade U.S. History- Mark Johnson

8th Grade U.S. History- Scott Milne

Special Education- Mike Allred

S.E. Paraprofessional- Cindy England

S.E. Paraprofessional- Jennifer Johnson

S.E. Paraprofessional- Marlene Keeley

S.E. Paraporfessional- Tyler McAdams

Special Education- Josh Winder

S.E. Paraprofessional- Patti Cazier

Special Education- Garret Lym

S.E. Paraprofessional- Erin Izatt

Special Education- Cynthia Merritt

S.E. Paraprofessional- Heidi Shumway

Special Education – Amber Summers

S.E. Paraprofessional – RuthAnn Jensen

Applied Computer Applications- Shirley Johns

Web Design- Ben Olivas

Art- Denise Frazier

Home Economics- Lisa Hale

Industrial Arts Shop- Randy Heiner

Physical Education- Casey Erickson

Music- Kari Allred

Music- Lisa Barber

Music- Kurt Sand

Custodian- Mrs. Pead
Custodian- Mrs. Matthews
Custodian- Mrs. Schwab
Head Cook- Mrs. Suter
Cook- Mrs. Beasley
Cook- Mrs. Merritt