Back to School Information 2020-2021

Back to School Information 2020-2021

7th Grade Football

Attention 7th grade football:
Football gear will be handed out to 7th graders on Tuesday, August 18th, from 4-6pm on the SVMS mezzanine. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please only have one parent come to the middle school with your child and both will need to be in a face covering. Each student as they come up to the mezzanine will need to use hand sanitizer on the way in and way out along with having a mask on. Please also remember they will need a physical before the first day of practice that was completed after May 1, 2020. If you cannot make this time for gear handout, it can also be done on the first day of school.

At this point, 8th grade gear for football will be handed out on the first day of practice, August 25th.

Please call (307) 886-4970 or email, with any questions you may have.

Back to School Open House – All 7th Graders and “new to our school” 8th Graders

Greetings Star Valley Middle School Students & Parents,

We are excited to meet those of you who are new to our school and rekindle friendships with those of you who are returning. Although there will be some changes and inconveniences to school this year, we believe they are bearable in order for us to have the most worthwhile education experience possible given our current situation.

With that we would like to invite all incoming 7th graders and any new to SVMS 8th graders to our school on Aug. 18th to meet your teachers and get familiar with our school. We have a few guidelines to help maintain a safe environment for you as you visit our school.

Please help us by following the guidelines below.

  • Hours for the school visit are 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm on Aug. 18th.
  • We would politely ask that only incoming 7th graders and new to SVMS 8th graders attend on this date to help keep our numbers manageable.
  • We would ask that only one parent attend with the incoming student and refrain from bringing siblings into the building.
  • We would ask that both parent and student wear a face covering while in the building.

We look forward to seeing all our students on Aug. 25 for the first day of school. Remember the 18th is only for incoming 7th graders and new to SVMS 8th graders.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to keep our numbers in the building on that day below the State Health Order Guidelines.

Volleyball – Football – Cross Country

We are excited to announce that fall sports will begin on the first day of school, August 25th.  The State of Wyoming along with the Wyoming High School Activities Association has given us the green light to move forward with our activities this fall.  We recognize that there will be some excitement, anxiety, and reservations with this decision to move forward.   There are many questions still left to be answered but the advisors, coaches and staff will do their best and are committed to make this a positive experience for your child.

Cross country, volleyball, and football will all start on August 25th.   Each athlete will need a physical that was completed after May 1st 2020 in order to practice and/or tryout.   Many of our 7th grade volleyball players have already received their physical because of the open gyms throughout the summer.  There will also be a one time $20 activity per student to participate in a fall sport.

Concussion screenings will need to be completed for all incoming 7th graders interested in playing football or trying out for volleyball.  The screenings have to be done before the first day of practice/tryouts.  This will also include all new 8th graders coming to SVMS.  These screening will be done on the following dates:

Monday August 10th from 1pm-3pm

Tuesday August 11 from 1pm-3pm

Tuesday August 18th from 1pm-5:30pm

Wednesday August 19th from 1pm-3pm

This will be on a first come first served bases as our space(main SVMS computer lab) to screen is limited.  Please only have one parent come into the middle school with your child and it is expected that both be in a mask to comply with our current state health orders.  Each student as they come into the computer lab will need to use hand sanitizer on the way in and way out along with having a mask on through the screening process.  The screening test takes approximately 40 minutes.

You can go to to see the current schedule for cross county, football, and volleyball.   Please remember that these schedules do change with events being added and taken off throughout each season.

Thanks for your patience and support as we try and get things going again with our students.  Please call Farren Haderlie at  885-7132 or email if you have any questions

Reopening Summary

  • Masks
    • Students, teachers and school staff shall wear face coverings both indoors and outdoors where 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained. (Statewide Order effective August 1).
    • Some exemptions are allowed- medical condition, mental health condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. Documentation will be required.
    • Alternate face coverings may be considered during the school day for instructional purposes.
    • Students are asked to bring their own face covering as part of their middle school supply list.
    • Face coverings will be defined as: a covering made of cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers the nose and mouth and surrounding areas of the lower face.
  • Transportation
    • Six foot spacing of students during transportation to and from the facility shall be maintained as much as practicable; face coverings shall be worn during transportation when six feet of separation cannot be maintained. (Statewide Order effective August 1)
    • Buses will be sanitized before each run.
    • Car drop off and pick up will enter and exit through the north west parking lot entrance.
    • Parents dropping off their students will be asked to remain in their car and drop of students at the main west entrance. If a parent needs to speak to a staff member, please contact the school by phone (307-885-5208).
  • Lunch
    • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and outside (when weather permits) or in the gym (when weather does not permit going outside). 6 feet of spacing will be maintained while eating.
    • Microwaves will not be available.
  • Passing time between classes
    • Face coverings will be required during passing times where 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained.
  • RIF time
    • RIF time will occur as usual. Face coverings will be required where 6 feet of separation cannot be maintained.
  • Cleaning/Sanitization
    • Additional measures for cleaning and sanitization will be taken, ie: additional custodial staff hired and disinfection of surfaces throughout the day. All cleaning products meet the requirements of the CDC and OSHA.
    • Teachers will spray desks and equipment in between classes. Students will then wipe them down as they enter the room.
  • Remote Learning vs. Virtual Learning
    • Remote- Classes delivered by a teacher located in a physical classroom with students present while also providing simultaneous remote instruction. Remote education instruction is delivered through interactive, synchronous technology which allows the student receiving the remote education to ask questions, make comments, and interact in real-time with the teacher, classroom students, and other remote students. Students must be enrolled in LCSD#2. Attendance will be taken morning and afternoon. Remote learning can only be used on a temporary basis.
    • Virtual- Virtual education instruction is primarily delivered through technology and can be asynchronous or synchronous. We are working on getting approval to offer this for students in grades 7-8.
  • Students on an IEP
    • Considerations by the IEP Team (including the parent) for students with IEP’s that have communication needs, medical needs, and other at-risk factors to access the general curriculum in Tier 1.
    • Options for remote IEP meetings will still be available and encouraged.
  • Parent Responsibilities
    • Home Screening
    • Please screen your child daily for symptoms of COVID-19 before sending them to school.

Screening Criteria

Temperature If 100.4 or higher not permitted to be present at facility (stay home)
Temperature + Symptoms If 99-100.4 + additional symptom not permitted in facility (stay home)
Symptom Questions 1. Any shortness of breath?

2. Any cough?

3. Any lack of smell/taste?

4. Any unusual tiredness?

5. Known exposure?

If showing symptoms “Stay home- If symptoms are known, stay home”


    • Send your child to school with a clean mask every day.
    • Send your child with a water bottle. Drinking fountains will be shut off but filling stations will be available.
    • Please do not send/bring classroom treats.

School Supplies

Visit the Family and Students tab to find school supply lists for the upcoming school year. Please add face coverings to your shopping. Thank you