Academic Requirements

Star Valley Middle School provides a rigorous academic program aligned and assessed with the state standards of the Wyoming Department of Education. All students are required to be enrolled in Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, and Math classes in each of the two years they spend at Star Valley Middle School.

All students are assigned to a team of at least five teachers that assist students in their progress during the school year. Elective teachers supplement each student’s schedule with challenging and interesting subjects including Physical Education; Industrial Arts; Music (Band, Orchestra, and Choir); Art; Computers; and Home Economics.

“Social skills are vital for a student’s success in life. At Star Valley Middle School each student is taught and then practices social and academic skills along with regular classroom instruction.”

STARS class is a scheduled time period each day where students are involved in reading, study, and the instruction and practice of social and academic skills. Students are assigned to a classroom teacher/advisor that assists each student in charting their progress throughout the school year. Teachers use the Boys Town social skills handbook as a guide in helping students achieve quality citizenship skills.

All students who meet the requirements of the state standards achieve the privilege of taking part in the 8th grade promotional exercise at the end of the school year.