November 2021 Newsletter

Star Valley Middle School

November 2021 Newsletter

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

11/2 – 7th Grade Warrior Clan

11/2 – Girls Basketball  – Pinedale @ SVMS 4pm

11/3 – 8th Grade Warrior Clan

11/4 – Girls Basketball – Montpelier @ SVMS 4pm – A only

11/5 – No School

11/6 – Girls Basketball @ Rich 10am

11/6 – Wrestling @ Evanston 10am

11/9 – Wrestling @ Pinedale 3:30pm

11/10 – Orchestra Concert @ SVHS 6:30pm

11/11 – Girls Basketball @ Cokeville 4pm – A only

11/12 – No School

11/12 – Girls Basketball – Rock Springs @ SVMS 10am

11/13 – Wrestling @ Kemmerer 9am

11/16 – Zoom Parent Teacher Conference 4-6pm

11/17 – Appointment Only Parent Teacher Conference @ SVMS 4-6pm 

11/17 – Wrestling @ Cokeville 4pm

11/18 – Picture Retakes

11/18 – Girls Basketball – Rich at SVMS 6pm

11/19 – 7th Girls Basketball – Green River @ SVMS 3:30pm

11/19 – 8th Girls Basketball – SVMS @ Green River 3:30pm

11/20 – Wrestling @ Lyman 10am

11/24 – Early Release

11/25 – No School

11/26 – No School

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What is Stars at SVMS?

Students and Teachers Accepting Responsibility to Succeed

Stars is a class that all students at SVMS are assigned. Stars teachers serve as mentors — getting to know students on a personal level, monitoring grades, providing service opportunities, learning social skills and teaching students about CLASSY.

Parent Teacher Conference will be held November 16th & 17th.


November SV Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences

 Your child’s STARS teacher will reach out to you the week of November 8th via email or phone to do a preliminary check in. If you need to speak to any of your child’s teachers individually, please let your STARS teacher know at that time.

If an individual conference with the teacher is necessary, you have two options to choose from:

Option 1

You can meet with them via Zoom on November 16th from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm utilizing their individual zoom link. No appointment is necessary for the Zoom meetings.

Links will be provided on the SVMS home page prior to Parent Teacher Conferences.

Option 2

If you would like to meet in person with your child’s teacher, you can do that by scheduling an appointment with them for the date of November 17th between the hours of 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

To schedule a live meeting please email the individual teacher with whom you would like to meet. You can access their emails by clicking on the following blue link. Email Link

If you have any questions about this process, you can reach the middle school at 307-885-5208.


Wanted pictures of your student's hobbies or activities outside of school for the 2021-22 yearbook. We would encourage you to go through your camera roll and send them to:

Girls Basketball Schedule

Nov 2 – Pinedale @ SVMS, 4:00pm

Nov 4 – Montpelier @ SVMS, 4:00pm – A only

Nov 6 – SVMS @ Rich, 10:00am

Nov 11 – SVMS @ Cokeville, 4:00pm – A only

Nov 12 – Rock Springs @ SVMS, 10:00am

Nov 18 – Rich @ SVMS, 6:00pm

Nov 19 – 7th Green River @ SVMS, 3:30pm

Nov 19 – 8th SVMS @ Green River 3:30pm

Dec 1 – Soda Springs @ SVMS, 4:00pm

Dec 2 – 7th SVMS @ Jackson, 4:00pm

Dec 2 – 8th Jackson @ SVMS, 4:00pm

Dec 4 – SVMS @ Lyman, 10:00am

Dec 4 – SVMS @ Mt View, 1:00pm

Dec 11 – North West Tournament @ Pinedale, 10:00am – A only

Coaches: Joe Wetzel – Kalin Schwab – Allen Simpson

Wrestling Schedule

Nov 6 – Wrestling @ Evanston, 10am

Nov 9 – Wrestling @ Pinedale, 3:30pm

Nov 13 – Wrestling @ Kemmerer, 9am

Nov 17 – Wrestling @ Cokeville, 4pm

Nov 20 – Wrestling @ Lyman, 10am

Dec 4 – Wrestling @ Jackson, 9am

Dec 7 – Wrestling @ Star Valley, 3pm

Dec 11 – Wrestling @ Rock Springs 10am (top 3 per weight)

Coaches: Joe Hale – Kevin Waldron – Hayden Heap

Yearbook – Yearbook – Yearbook!!

To be guaranteed a yearbook, it needs to be purchased by January 1, 2022.

If you would like to purchase a yearbook for the 2021-2022 school year, please go to the parent portal on Infinite Campus and select SCHOOL STORE.  Click on SVMS Yearbook and put in the cart.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 307-885-5208


CLASSY – a continued focus at SVMS

Count Your Blessings – Look for the Good – Acts of Kindness – Self-Motivation – Service – You are Valued

S = Service  — one pillar of CLASSY is Service. Studies have shown that youth who participate in regular service activities are better prepared for life and are happier people.

The following information is an excerpt from Children’s MD, Behavior & Development, January 29, 2015.

Teenagers are not only an extremely valuable resource of energy, good will and creativity, but also the key to our future. In a culture that is so wrapped around ‘wants’ and ‘achievements,’ it is easy for our teenagers to grow up without a sense of gratitude for what they have and empathy for the needs of the less fortunate around them. Volunteering in community service projects and helping others can be very fulfilling, and if you can show your teen how enriching it is from a young age, they’ll start to make an association between helping someone else and their own joy.Teen volunteering has been on a steady rise since the 1980s. Research has shown that teens who engage in community service are more responsible with higher self-esteem and resilience. Volunteering helps the teens gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making. Teens who volunteer perform better at school and also build a stronger resume for college and scholarship applications.

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