March 2021 Newsletter

Parent Teacher Conferences - March 16 and 17

PTC Conferences will be held virtually via Zoom on March 16 and 17 from 4pm to 7pm.

See more details below.

Star Valley Middle School

March 2021 Newsletter

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Mar 3 - Orchestra Concert @ SVHS, 6:45pm

Mar 4 - Choir Concert @ SVHS, 7:30pm

Mar 11 - End of 3rd Quarter

Mar 12 - No School

Mar 15-18 - Freshman Registration for 8th graders

Mar 16 - Brave Cadette Clinic for 8th graders @ SVHS, after school

Mar 16-17 - Parent Teacher Conferences

Mar 17-18 - District Accreditation Review

Mar 19 - No School

Mar 22 - Track starts

Mar 22-24 - Student Council Trip to Cheyenne

Mar 22-24 - Brave Cadette Tryouts for 8th graders @ SVHS, after school

Mar 24 - Band Concert @ SVHS, 6:30pm

Mar 25 - Brave Cadette Review @ SVHS, 6:30pm

Mar 29 - Apr 2 - Spring Break

Pictures needed for the Yearbook

Do you have pictures that you would like in the yearbook? What winter activities have you been enjoying? Do have some hunting, skiing, boarding, ice fishing or parade pictures to share? Share them with everyone...get them to Mr. Schwab. Email them to

CLASSY - a continued focus at SVMS

Count Your Blessings - Look for the Good - Acts of Kindness - Self-Motivation - Service - You are Valued

L = Look for the Good  -- Each day students are asked to "Look for the Good" around them and record it in their CLASSY journal. Martin Walsh said, "When you look for the good in others, you discover the best in yourself."

Home of the Warriors

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Track starts Monday, March 22. All participants must have a current physical (this school year) to participate. Physicals need to be completed prior to the first practice.

Music, Music, Music is happening during March

March 3 - SVMS Orchestra Concert @ SVHS, 6:45pm - Limited free tickets available from choir students.

March 4 - SVMS Choir Concert @ SVHS, 7:30pm

March 24 - SVMS Band Concert @ SVHS, 6:30pm


Join us for Parent Teacher Conferences on March 16 and 17

Zoom links will be provided to access your student's teachers for online Parent Teacher Conferences again this Spring. These links will be available from the SVMS web page and as a quick link under the Family & Students tab. Feel free to email the teacher, at your convenience, or click on the Zoom link to be added to their active Zoom Conference waiting room during scheduled Parent Teacher Conference times. If the teacher is currently visiting with another guest, they will add you to the conference as quickly as possible from the waiting room. To help keep waiting times reasonable, we encourage, if possible, lower valley parents to utilize March 16, and upper valley parents to utilize March 17.


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? is SVMS Science classes

launching sky lanterns/hot air balloons

during the 2nd week of March.

Keep your eyes in sky for some great student projects.

SVMS Students Excel

Special Olympians: Madison Bookhout, Jade Waldron, Josh Delgado, Tabby Olsen and Bradford Cottam all won Gold for Cross Country.

Spelling Bee: Winners in the County Spelling Bee included Eliza England, 2nd place, and Aaron Mavy, 4th place. Both of these top spellers will compete in the virtual State Spelling Bee on March 20, 2021, hosted by Western Wyoming Community College. Erika Lainhart also placed in the District Spelling Bee and competed at the County Spelling Bee. Congratulations Ericka, Eliza and Aaron!!!

Robotics: Placed 2nd, 3rd and 5th in the qualifying rounds at the Wyoming State Vex Robotics Competition, Saturday, February 27th. Teams Gear Bots and Undecided finished 2nd in the championship rounds with team Gear Bots winning the Middle School Excellence Award and qualifying for the National Competition. Gear Bots team members include: Madison White, Hailee Myers, Trinady Beatty, Michael Tree, Colten Occhi, and Caleb Erickson. Undecided team members include: Landon Walker, Marshell Beatty, Jeremiah Simmons, and Bronson Cottam. Tanks II team members include: Andrew Palmer, Zacheria Belnap, Aaron Mavy, Isaac Kemp, and Anthony Hubbard.

Basketball: 7th and 8th grade boys basketball teams had very successful seasons!! Both teams won their North Conference Tournaments in Pinedale on February 27th.


Look at these happy faces!!!

March Madness Isn't Only About Basketball

Mrs. Osmond and Mrs. Neuenschwander are hosting a March Madness Tournament of Books during the month of March! There will be a "Sweet Sixteen" bracket and students will be able to vote for their favorite books and win some prizes! Don't miss out on the fun in the library during the month of March.

Would You Like to be a Brave Cadette? If so, keep these dates in mind.

March 16 - after school clinic for 8th graders at SVHS
March 22-24 - Brave Cadette tryouts at SVHS after school
March 25 - Brave Cadette Review @ SVHS, 6:30pm

The Gift of Sleep by School Nurse Erin Ragain

Sleep is a gift we give our bodies.  It is the time for cell and tissue regeneration.  Sleep powers the mind, restores the body, and fortifies virtually every system in the body. But how much sleep do we really need in order to get these benefits?

How Much Sleep is Recommended for Each Age Group?

The National Sleep Foundation’s recommendations for nightly sleep are broken down into nine age groups.     National Sleep Foundation guidelines1 

Age Range Recommended Hours of Sleep
Newborn 0-3 months old 14-17
Infant 4-11 months old 12-15
Toddler 1-2 years old 11-14
Pre-school 3-5 years old 10-13
School Age 6-13 years old 9-11
Teen 14-17 years old 8-10
Young Adult 18-25 years old 7-9
Adult 26-64 years old 7-9
Older Adult 65 and older 7-8

To pave the way for better sleep, follow these simple yet effective healthy sleep tips, 

How to Ease into Day Light Savings:  Keep your same sleep routines.  A few days before March 14, 2021, start going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night.  In the morning, get plenty of sunshine to reset your circadian rhythm.