February 2024 Newsletter

Star Valley Middle School

February 2024 Newsletter

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

2/2 – No School Students

2/2 – Basketball @ SVHS 2pm

2/5 – 7th Grade Warrior Clan @ Pine Creek Ski Area

2/6 – 7th Basketball @ Jackson 4:30pm

2/6 – 8th Basketball @ SVMS 4pm

2/8 – Basketball @ Teton (A only) 3:30pm

2/10 – Basketball @ SVMS 10am

2/10 – Basketball @ SVMS 1pm

2/13 – 7th Basketball @ SVMS 4pm

2/13 – 8th Basketball @ Green River 4pm

2/15 – 7th (B only) Basketball @ Jackson 4pm

2/15 – 8th Red Warrior Clan @ Beaver

2/16 – No School

2/20 – SVMS Band Concert @ SVHS 7pm

2/20 – Basketball (B only) @ Cokeville 4:30pm

2/20 – Basketball (A only) @ SVMS 4pm 

2/21 – 8th White Warrior Clan @ Beaver

2/23 – No School

2/23 – Basketball (A only) @ Rock Springs 10am

2/26 – 7th Grade Honor Band & Choir Clinic @ Kemmerer

2/26 – 2/28 – Student Council Trip to Cheyenne

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Boys Basketball Schedule

SVMS does not accept flowers, candy or gifts of any kind on Valentines Day for students.

Please save your celebrations for after school or have them delivered at home. Thank you.

It’s that time of year when school supplies are running low! Please check with your child to see if they are in need of any basic supplies such as pencils or paper. If they have lost their planner, they are available in the office to purchase for $5. 

Warrior Clan Ski Trips

Students who qualified for warrior clan during 2nd Quarter will go skiing this month. 

Due to the number of students who are going skiing, we will have to take the 8th graders on two different days to Beaver Mountain. 

The 8th Red team will be going on Thursday, Feb.  15th.

The 8th White Team will be going on Wednesday, Feb. 21st. 


7th grade qualifiers will go to Pine Creek Ski Area on Monday, February 5th. 

Yearbook – Yearbook – Yearbook!!

If you would like to purchase a yearbook for the 2023-2024 school year, send money with your student to turn into the office.  Yearbooks are $25.00.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 307-885-5208

Don’t forget to send fall/winter pictures you would like to see in the yearbook  to: gro.2dscl@koobraeysmvs

Parent Teacher Conference will be held March 5th & 6th.

March 5th conference will be held at Thayne Elementary from 4:30 – 6:30pm.

March 6th conference will be held at SVMS from 4:00 – 6:30pm.

The science department is teaming up with Wyoming Game and Fish and Trout Unlimited to raise Trout in the Classroom (TIC). TIC is a program where over a semester, teachers and students raise trout from eggs and release them into native Wyoming waterways. Classrooms become a place to explore the life cycle of trout, water quality and conservation. A TIC club works during and after school to care for the aquatic environment so our baby Rainbows get the best start possible. Visit wgfd.wyo for more information and contact Mr. Anderson if you’d like to show your support.

CLASSY – a continued focus at SVMS

Count Your Blessings – Look for the Good – Acts of Kindness – Self-Motivation – Service – You are Valued

A = Acts of Kindness  — a little kindness, can make a big difference. Taking time to be kind, not only benefits the recipient but also makes the giver feel good. Here are a few suggestions for some simple acts of kindness:

  1. Smile
  2. Hold the door open
  3. Give an honest compliment
  4. Thank someone who you appreciate
  5. Be a good listener
  6. Offer your help to someone
  7. Ask the person who’s serving you how their day is going
  8. Treat someone with a plate of cookies
  9. Let someone go past you when waiting in line
  10. Send someone flowers or candy
~~Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give~~
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