How can I check classroom grades online?
Click on the following link to check classroom grades at PowerSchool. Passwords can be obtained via the office.

How can I e-mail a teacher or other staff member?
Click on a specific team link (on this page) to access a particular teacher or staff member’s e-mail address by clicking on their name.

What is the phone number for Star Valley Middle School?
(307) 885-5208.

When can I schedule a time to meet with teachers?
A convenient time to meet with all of the teachers on a student’s team is during a team’s meeting time. Contact the office for an appointment. Anytime that is convenient for both parties can be arranged.

SVMS Staff
Steve Burch - Principal
Farren Haderlie - Assistant Principal
Kayleen Anderson - Secretary
Julie Rich - Secretary
Lisa Draney - Office Paraprofessional
Mike Allred - 8th Special Education
Jeff Anderson - 7th Science
Lisa Barber - 7th & 8th Orchestra
Dale Barnes - 7th Math
Samantha Call - 7th English

Bobbi Coates - 7th Special Education
Laurie Cunningham - 7th Math
Josh Dilworth - 7th & 8th Choir
Casey Erickson - 7th Physical Education
Scott Erickson - 7th Science 
Britani Erickson - 8th Algebra
Denise Frazier - 7th & 8th Art
Kassie Johnson - 8th Physical Education
Joe Hale - 7th Geography
Lisa Hale - 8th Grade Home Ec
Jayne Hartwell - Reading Skills
Randy Heiner - 7th & 8th Wood Shop
Adam Isaacson - 8th Science
Shirley Johns - Applied Computer Applications
Ballard Johnson - 8th Science
Jennifer Johnson - Special Education Paraprofessional

Mark Johnson - 8th U.S. History
Shawn Johnson - 8th Algebra
Julie Lewis - 8th English
Garrett Lym - 7th Special Education
Cynthia Merritt - 8th Special Education
Scott Milne - 8th U.S. History
McKell Porter - 7th Geography
Bobbi Robinson - 7th Home Ec
Shain Saberon - 8th English
Kurt Sand - 7th & 8th Band
Rex Saunders - 7th English
Rachel Taylor - 8th Algebra
Julie Deroche - Compliance Facilitator
Abby Kurt-Mason School Psychologist
Kenna Stuart - Speech Pathologist
Patti Cazier - Paraprofessional
Tammy Harmon - Paraprofessional
Ruthann Jensen - Special Education Paraprofessional
Dave Minson - Special Education Paraprofessional
Lori Owens - Library Paraprofessional
Melanie Passey - Special Education Paraprofessional
Heidi Shumway - Special Education Paraprofessional
Cory Skinner - Special Education Paraprofessional
Shana Teel - Cook
Karen Matthews - Cook
Ashley Suter - Head Cook
Larnell Cleverley - Custodial
Michyle Miller - Custodial