Isaacson, Adam

Welcome to 8th Grade Earth Science at SVMS

Adam Isaacson

Wind River's Trip 2011

I started teaching at Star Valley Middle School in 2004. I have taught both Earth Science and Life Science and enjoy teaching both. I graduated with my Master's degree in Teacher Education in 2004 from Eastern Oregon University and took my first job as a teacher here in Star Valley that fall.
My wife Emily and I were married in Portland, Oregon in 1999 and are very much enjoying raising our children here in Star Valley. We have 4 children and a Springer Spaniel. I spend my free time in the mountains hiking, hunting, fishing, taking pictures, and whatever else I can to keep me out.
I love teaching and very much enjoy the sciences (especially the Earth Sciences). Some of my favorite topics of study include: Paleontology, Mineralogy, Sedimentology, and Ecology. Pretty much, if it is dead and has to do with rocks, I love it! I hope we will have a great year this year and look forward to getting to know all of you and working and learning with you. Let's have a great year, work hard, have fun, and most importantly, learn a lot!!