Milne, Scott



1.  The first clue will be given here on the website and the cipher can be found under chapter 6 decoder for secret codes”

2.  You must solve the riddle and find the code word.

3.  Take that code word to the next teacher/adult in the school.  You must ask “Are you a Patriot?”

4.  If they are, they will ask you for the code word and if you give it correctly, they will give you the next clue that will take you to the next step and next Patriot.  Be careful not to ask the wrong adult as you may find a British spy which will eliminate you from the game.

5.  Remember to write down the name of each code word as you will need to turn the list in at the end to prove you have figured them all out.

6.  1st Place – $20, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $10, and 4th place $5.  40 Bonus points for all who complete it as well as a candy bar and an excused current event.

The first code word is the name of the Swamp Fox.  Take that name to the Patriot who has the same initials as the state of the Swamp Fox.  There you will receive the next clue & code.  You will need the cipher or decoder for the next clue.


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